Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeing a friend

I am looking forward to this trip to KC so I can see Anne. I have another really good friend from college who lives in KC. I will let her know I will be there in case she can make it to visit a bit. Anne is going to meet us for dinner and since I haven't seen her in years, I'm getting excited to have the chance to visit in person. I love getting to see and talk to old friends and the way the connection seems to continue over time even when you don't talk to each other. Especially high school friends. I don't ever seem to have any trouble picking up as if no time has passed at all. Except for Sally, who lived next door to me in Germany. That visit was a bit awkward, but it was still really good to see her. And of course Natalie could email me a bit more frequently and I need to ask Mike for Christine's email address soI can stay in touch a bit better...LOL. Our company is having a party tonight and it is usually an extended work day with lots of snacks and alcohol. I don't drink very much. I always limit myself to one beer and then I switch to mineral water or tonic water. But the food is always yummy. But it is like a gigantic cocktail party every three months and I know it sounds like fun, but it isn't really that fun. It's still work and I have to schmooze. I am taking a break at 11:30 and meeting a vendor for negotiations. That should be interesting. I sort of, in a very small sort of way, run my own business. Basically, every dollar I "give" him, I lose. I get zero commission on every dollar he gets. On the other hand, although my overall commission is reduced, if he can fill a job order for me then I am still getting the credit (and $). Like instead of making $10, I will only make $4. But if I don't fill the job I get $0. Make sense? Anyway, I need to do this without being incredibly stingy about it. That should be simple.

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