Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot days

I've been doing a lot of yard work, but haven't visited my garden lately as it is in the westernmost corner of the yard and the yard work has been up against the house. I slipped over for a quick look at how the mulch was doing and did it need replacing and so I noticed that someone has been in the yard taking rhubarb. I can see through the plant! So that means someone from church has come in and taken a good amount. I like that since I hate to see it go to waste and Julie had already taken some. Thing is now that the sun can reach the soil, I'll probably get bumper crop #2. It's a shame we can't make ethanol from rhubarb, I guess. A little still in the backyard to mix it with gasoline, pour it into the gas tank...maybe I've got something there.

What I have is a world-class headache. I went for a long walk last night and managed to walk for 2 hours. I haven't walked that long in years. I usually stop at 90 minutes. Then today I did yard work for 3 hours and THEN went to Julie's house for a 75 minute walk. I feel completely drained! It isn't the exercise, it's doing it in 80 degree weather. I need to get used to this. Jack, Bryan has made a CD for you of 3 or 4 songs that he sang and thinks you'll like. He went up to church and recorded all of them just for the CD so it isn't a bad mix from the house during a Sunday morning service.

My peonies have not yet bloomed, but they are getting ready. One of the bushes is so big it is pushing out a flower plant that I planted last year and I have forgotten what I planted (boy that's a really bad sentence). But they didn't bloom at all this year and this year they want to bloom, but they are underneath this obnoxiously huge bush. I need to get some twine and wrap that thing up. I keep forgetting to do it. I know I should go out and do it now. OK, here goes.

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