Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Simple-minded & ignorant

From Emma by Jane Austen. Chapter 17:

"It was rather too late in the day to set about being simple-minded and ignorant; but she left her with every previous resolution confirmed of being humble and discreet, and repressing imagination all the rest of her life."

I have had many moments like this in my life and so the first time I read that line, I guffawed. I didn't chuckle or giggle or laugh. I didn't cackle, chortle, snicker, snigger or titter. I didn't crow, whoop, grin, simper, smile or smirk. It reminded me so much of me I let out a loud or boisterous burst of laughter.

A burst of laughter and then it was over as I sobered up and realized that like me, our heroine Emma was not actually going to be able to reform or humble herself quite that easily. As I continued reading, I knew I was correct about her efforts. But Emma does sort of grow up a little by the end of the book and we can only assume that like most of us, she continued growing up on a daily basis. Oh it is so difficult to behave properly all the time!

However, I do like the idea that if I get an early start on the day, I can be simple-minded and ignorant. That will never not be funny.

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