Friday, May 9, 2008

One of those mornings?

I woke up at 4:00 this morning with Lily laying on me like she does when she doesn't feel good. The doctor thinks Lily has lung cancer, so we are giving her monthly steroid shots (they aren't really expensive, either) and they do her a lot of good. The rest of the morning was a little difficult for Miss Priss and so there was not much sleeping going on. I got up early, which I hate, got dressed and drove into Des Moines to have pancakes with the boys at their school. We took a photo, which looks not so great of me and they were grimacing like gangsters. They really wanted to put their hands around each others necks in a chokehold and by golly, we should have just let them do it. Boys!

Got back home and took Lily to the vet. Another indication that she didn't feel good is that she didn't try to disassemble the doctor. And she snuggled up to me and hid her head under my denim jacket. Got home, changed into slacks and finally got to work. I've had a really good week, a really busy week and I feel really tired. Bryan was at rehearsal last night at church and he locked his keys in the church. So he and Michelle drove to her house to get her church keys to get back inside, but she couldn't find them, so she drove him back to our house, he got his keys and they stopped at Tasty Taco where they ran into Andrew and Oren, which was nice for him to see his grandson.

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