Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kickball and a P.E. teacher

Last night at church we played kickball. With a P.E. teacher. It was something else. I could tell right away that she is a P.E. teacher. I let a ball go because it was foul and she yelled at me! She said I should have caught it because it still would have been an out. I said, because I honestly didn't know, "Really?" And then she said, "That's all right! You're learning the game!" It was sort of funny because if I have ever played kickball I don't remember. I probably did, but the memory has slipped away sort of like the time I don't remember getting caught doing something I shouldn't have been doing, like skipping school.

My cell phone turned into a hockey puck yesterday afternoon, so before I roll down to the stadium for a day of baseball and hot dogs, I need to run over to Sprint and get a new phone. My boss has been on me to get a new one since the first week I got the one that just died. I'm just too lazy to go to Sprint and stand in line for 45 minutes. Sunny and 65 here today. Is that baseball weather? I'm a little unclear on why this happens in Iowa all the time.

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