Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have I gone absolutely crackers?

First things first: the first person to guess where the words "absolutely crackers" have been stolen from gets a prize. It may just be credit in another post, but it's something.

Your! name! in! print!

On to the serious business. I may have lost my mind. Back in May I went to Minneapolis for a one-day workshop for people who are learning Irish Gaelic. Yep. I did and they put in a level two class. I was very happy, as my Facebook posts indicated, to discover that I was in the right level with people who spoke about as much as I do. The topic was lenition and eclipsis, which is something I really needed to learn and still do and will until the day I die. If I get put into the Irish section of heaven, I feel certain this skill will haunt me for eternity.

Side note: If you put "lenition in irish" into the Google machine, you will be fascinated for hours.

Maybe that's just me. Sorry.

So back in May, I introduced myself to the guy in charge of the very large organization up there and he suggested I begin a group in Des Moines. uh huh.

I went to the Iowa Irish Fest back in August as some of my regular readers may remember. I went to a mini-workshop for the language there and foolishly introduced myself to the guy in charge, who had been told by the Minneapolis guy that he would hear from me. He also suggested I start a group in Des Moines. I guess there was a group, once upon a time. It died.

I pondered and pondered. Did I really want to get involved, nay, actually start a new group in Des Moines? Do I need to be responsible for one more thing in my life? Can I see it through? Do I have time to read and listen to lessons and practice my skills?

I finally decided to give it a shot. I made up posters, I pestered web masters all over town, I got into a newsletter, I talked to a church secretary and some shop owners. I got the word out. Just a smidge, but it got out. I have four people who say they will either be there or will try to be there.

This could be fun.

I made up a blog to use as a web site. There isn't much on it right now. Check it out. If you care to be encouraging, please begin.


Terence McDanger said...

Bí cinnte agus inis liom nuair a thagann Bill Bryson isteach! An bhfuil se ina chonaí i Des Moines? B'Fheidir go mhaith leis Gaelige a fhoghlaim!

And that's the first time I've used my Irish in 16 years! Fair play to you all the same, keep up the good work!

MyMaracas said...

I think it's awesome. Good luck with the new group!

Caron said...

Thanks to you both! I don't think Bryson still lives in Des Moines (or even visits for that matter!) but he is very welcome to attend our little group! ;)

I am sure I would pester him to tell me the history of English, though.