Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let it snow makes it sound like I'm happy about it

It snowed this morning and although the predicted high of 39 turned into 44, the low tonight is for 22 degrees.

Yesterday after work I dug out all the rest of my leeks so they wouldn't be wasted. After all the worry over that batch of vegetables, I would hate to see them freeze. I love leeks and will make another batch of mushroom leek soup. I will also make potato leek soup and leek bread pudding.
I made a happy discovery while I was digging them up. I had planted some cilantro that mysteriously turned into parsley, so I pulled the plant. I was told cilantro will take over the way catnip does (I still have a great supply of dried catnip three years later) and lo and behold! Cilantro grew in five places. I snipped all of it and then covered the ends with extra dirt in preparation for tonight's arctic blast slight chill.

Camping this weekend in the snow, we took the grandson along. His sister came for a visit and she told me out of nowhere, "I don't like being silly and naughty." I got a chuckle out of that, and I do wonder where it came from.


lizriz said...

What a beautiful little bit of snow!

dsmcaron said...

Yes and mostly it was a little bit!

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful snow..I think we are going to get some later in the week here in western NY. Glad your garden is still giving you some goodies.. Michelle

Arija said...

Your first snow fall for the season? Always a joy.