Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I had for lunch, uh huh.

I like reading what other people are up to in their lives. I read running blogs and eating blogs as well as running/eating blogs, but I don’t really care for diet blogs. It just isn’t that easy for me to fit myself into a category as a blogger and then gently insert myself into their established relationships with one another. I run. I walk. I eat. What’s the problem?

Some people photograph everything they eat all day and post it on their blogs, like GreenDogWine. If you want to be introduced to oatmeal in a brand new way, give her a try. She’s very nice and very healthy.

And oatmeal: yum.

If I photographed my food today, you would see a photo of Rotella’s Pane di Casa no-fat added bread as toast with butter. I wasn’t prepared, so you’re missing out.

The bread is good, but it gets sticky fast.

Yes, I said sticky. It gets sticky. That’s how I know the loaf is beyond its best days. It's just regular old bread from the grocery store and as such, it has to be really old before mold grows. Isn’t that gross? Fresh bread (real bread) really should be moldy pretty fast. On to lunch:

That is an Italian Night Club sandwich from Jimmy Johns with added hot peppers and a huge …well it was once huge… whole pickle as a side dish. I didn’t say “no dressing,” which I always have before. Alas, I paid the price and the bread got soaking wet in parts. I hate that. Also unusual, I didn’t say “easy on the mayo” and will I ever run, swim, walk or whine those calories off of my fabulous selfness?



Aunt Becky said...

Diet blogs always manage to make me feel guilty and fat, even though I'm losing weight and I eat generally well.

dsmcaron said...

I KNOW! I get that.

And good for you losing weight and eating like a good girl, Aunt Becky.

Rambling Woods said...

Really people post what they eat? Hmmm...

Caron said...

Yes, people do that. I know.