Friday, October 23, 2009

My new favorite food

I saw some yogurt called Chobani in a tiny little grocery store in rural Iowa awhile back and I grabbed it only because I read a blog that goes over the blogger's food every day.

Seriously, I need to read about what other people eat, isn't that weird?

Anyway, I don't review things, I don't get free samples to write about, I didn't even know that sort of thing existed in the blogosphere until recently. But this girl gets free stuff all the time. I think there is some sort of network she belongs to, but I'm not positive because, really? She's up front about it being free and about it being a review and all that.

So anyway, I don't think I've ever had Greek Style yogurt before. This stuff is neat-o. I like that it doesn't have HFCS in it and what I bought was low-fat but didn't have crappy fake sweeteners in it. I can't eat anything with fake sweeteners without getting an upset stomach.

I'm sure some of you think that's bogus, but whatever. I can tell it's in something in as little as 3 bites. And I take dainty bites, ya'll.

This Chobani stuff is super thick and it took a couple seconds to get used to that. There were blueberries in the bottom - holla.

I liked it. So anyway, I thought I would tell you all the things I really love. OK, not all the things because 1. we're talking about food, not everything in life and 2. I am bound to forget a lot of things.

I like Stacy's pita chips. Holy cow, if you haven't tried those, you should.

I like Turbo Scratchers for cats. Roger: not food. I get that. Sorry.

Altoids peppermint and cinnamon chewing gums. Note peppermint/cinnamon in the same taste explosion. That would be gross. I can only find this gum now when I make a trek to a Trader Joe's.

Can I complain here that Trader Joe's is not in Des Moines. I hate them. Well, no I love them. I hate that they aren't here.

I guess for right now that's it. Chobani and pita chips.

How lame is that? Is there some sort of food I should buy at the store that you just love so much everyone should try it? If so, I would love to know all about it.


Badass Geek said...

I've tried different types, different flavors, different whatever, but I still cannot get myself to like yogurt.

Rambling Woods said...

We have a turbo scratchers here. One of the tabby brothers loves it and the other uses the tall posts we have. I love Lay's potato crisps but they aren't very exotic. My stomach doesn't do exotic anymore...but I could try the yogurt... Michelle