Friday, October 16, 2009

Marathon motto time

I said in a post just last month that my mottos are usually given to me and I have yet to dream one up on my own. It happened this afternoon for the Des Moines marathon this weekend:

Every step is a victory.

Someone simply says something to me and it hits me! This could be a motto for many people, so feel free to incorporate it for yourself if it hits you in the heart. I hope it hits you in the heart if it's what your heart needs.


Alice Audrey said...

I could easily see it on a bumper sticker.

Rambling Woods said...

For so many people 'every step IS a victory.. May I quote you on my blog....or would you rather not...Michelle

RJ Flamingo said...

I feel that way about paper on my desk. Every time I can get rid of something, I say to myself: Doesn't look like much, but that's one less piece of paper! And I will quote you, if only to myself. :-)

dsmcaron said...

I LOVE that you want to quote me! It isn't original, you don't even have to quote me.

A bumper sticker - I like that.

Any pile of stuff in my house needs as much focus as possible, so it would be a victory, indeed!